Your online learning platform for increasing profits, fulfillment and impact
by creating a world class leadership team

When you started your business, you dreamed of…
  • Making more money
  • Having more time
  • Gaining more freedom
  • Having more impact
  • Feeling more fulfilled
But you're overwhelmed by many obstacles that have gotten in the way...
  • It feels almost impossible to attract or keep the right people
  • Your team doesn't have the passion for the business you do
  • There is minimal team discipline and accountability
  • Your leadership team is not structured effectively
  • The lack of an empowering, collaborative company culture
  • You and your team are not scaling with the business

And the result of that is...

  • The lack of consistent profitable growth
  • You’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • Your frustration has started to impact other areas of your life
  • You’re feeling discouraged and losing the confidence that you’re good enough to create a great business
  • It’s harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning because you’re falling out of love with your business.

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Why did I create this course?

I know, I’ve been there, and that’s exactly why I dedicated the last 13 years helping people just like you who were struggling with the same thing. Before I started working with my clients, their businesses weren’t growing, and they felt frustrated, overwhelmed and discouraged. However, once they realized that there was a proven, repeatable framework for growth, they were able to achieve breakthrough growth.

What you will learn in this course...

In my 30+ years consulting and coaching, I’ve learned that you can’t build a sustainably great company without a great leadership team. As a result, the powerful framework I’ve developed to achieve breakthrough growth includes:

Proactively structuring the leadership team for growth

In this first step, we start with your own self leadership and then walk you through a step by step process to plan for the right roles and responsibilities over time. This proactive approach will ensure your building the right leadership team at the right time.

Building a powerful leadership team culture

In this next step, you’ll learn the importance of values, vision and vulnerability to build the right leadership team culture. Through specific exercises, you’ll drive this through your leadership team and watch it cascade down through the organization.

Executing with discipline and accountability

Here you’ll implement the three disciplines of effective execution: Aligning around priorities, implementing the right planning and communication rhythm and measuring what matters.

Putting a process in place for continuous development and improvement

The process of creating breakthrough growth never ends. It’s a journey, not a destination. Here you’ll implement a proven process to assess, coach, develop and make the tough decisions necessary to continuously improve your team.


By following this process, you will:

  • Achieve consistent top and bottom-line business growth
  • Create a fulfilling, growing environment for your team
  • Have greater impact on clients and on society
  • Feel a level of fulfillment about your business that impacts all areas of your life
  • Feel a sense of confidence and pride that you can absolutely create the business you’ve always dreamed of

Don’t take my word for it.

Here’s what some of my clients have said:

I’m very excited to offer you my online Breakthrough Growth video course. In this course, I’ve been able to package what I do for my private clients in a way that is more affordable and accessible. The course includes:
  • Coaching videos walking you through each step of my proven framework to increase profit and employee fulfillment by strengthening your leadership team
  • Worksheets, templates and how-to guides to use with your team to implement each step of the framework
  • Sample agendas for all recommended leadership team planning and accountability meetings
  • Access to my Breakthrough Leadership Team Assessment that will enable you to gauge where you are on your journey and prioritize areas for improvement

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Leverage my 30+ years of experience working with leadership teams to avoid the pain of:

  • Years of frustration, time and dollars trying to figure it out on your own
  • Inaction and procrastination because you’re not sure of what to do
  • Losing your best people as they leave for better opportunities
  • Watching the competition kick your butt
  • Losing your company and your dream

I know this may still feel like a lot of money to spend but...

  • You're getting the same content my private clients pay me 25x for
  • What would your return on investment be if this course helped you to increase your revenue growth by 30%, 40% or 50%?
  • What would your return on investment be if you doubled or tripled your profit %?
I know your two biggest concerns about doing this probably are money and time. However...
  • You spend more money and time every day in unproductive meetings
  • You spend more money and time every week on missed deadlines
  • You spend more money and time every month on disengaged employees
  • If you don’t invest in your business (time and money) why should your clients? Why should your employees?

Your biggest question might be, “will this work?”. Of course, it’s natural to doubt that problems that have persisted this long can be fixed. If that is still a question for you, please review my client testimonials above.

In addition, I’m so confident in the value you’ll receive from this course, that I’m willing to give you a 90-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.


Meet Mike Goldman


Mike Goldman is an award-winning leadership team coach and the #1 Amazon bestselling author of two books, Breakthrough Leadership Team and Performance Breakthrough. As a coach or speaker, Mike is on a mission to help CEO’s grow their business and have more impact while creating a more engaging, fulfilling environment for their team using his Breakthrough Leadership Team approach.